RRI Introduces O2 Checker

RRI announces the addition of a new oxygen analyzer to its portfolio of high pressure respiratory oxygen products.

Designed to test key performance functions of supplemental oxygen systems, the O2 Checker is a must-have diagnostic and validation tool for use with most home oxygen equipment on the market today including portable oxygen concentrators, pneumatic oxygen conserving devices, stationary concentrators, and oxygen regulators up to 15 LPM flow rates.  The analyzer measures key functions including: trigger pressure, pulse dose, continuous flow rate and oxygen concentration, and features an adjustable simulated breath rate.   “We are excited to offer the O2 Checker,” notes Steve Bannon, RRI President. “Until now, diagnostic devices such as this were not readily available to most homecare Providers as they were cost prohibitive and overly complex to implement.  The ease of use of the O2 Checker is second to none – it seamlessly transitions between equipment types and automatically detects and measures output quickly and efficiently.”

The O2 Checker removes guesswork by functionally testing oxygen systems in the Provider facility. “The O2 Checker is a cost-effective tool for Providers to confirm oxygen equipment is operating properly before dispatch to the patient,” explains Bannon.  “Respiratory technicians can validate proper performance in the office, streamlining operations, increasing efficiency and equipment utilization.” 

The new analyzer compliments RRI’s full line of oxygen delivery, transport and storage solutions and is stocked in their central U.S. warehouse for same-day shipment.

For more information about Responsive Respiratory’s full line of oxygen products and customization programs, please visit www.respondo2.com and www.purifyo3.com

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