RRI Reaffirms Support for HomeFill Products

RRI assures Home Care market HomeFill cylinder and valve availability to continue.

In light of the recent announcement of Invacare’s departure of the respiratory market, Responsive Respiratory is reaffirming its commitment to providing high pressure oxygen products, inclusive of cylinders and valves compatible with the HomeFill system.  “We stand committed to servicing the needs of oxygen Providers,” notes Steve Bannon, RRI President.  “The departure of Invacare in the respiratory market leaves a tremendous gap for Providers utilizing the HomeFill compressor.  Rather than decommissioning units for the lack of compatible cylinders and valves, Providers can be confident there will continue to be a steady supply available from Responsive Respiratory to meet their needs.”

Responsive Respiratory fully stocks valves and cylinders compatible with the HomeFill system in its central U.S. warehouse for quick shipment.  Accessory items are also available for use with the system including cylinder carry cases, carts, racks and respiratory disposables.

For more information about Responsive Respiratory’s full line of oxygen products and customization programs, please visit www.respondo2.com and www.purifyo3.com

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