Ultra Soft Demand Cannula (Dual Lumen) – 4′ Safety Tubing

  • 4′ Dual lumen demand cannula for use with dual lumen oxygen conservers
  • Demand cannula uses one nasal prong to sense inhalation while the other delivers oxygen
  • Smooth bore tubing enhances sensitivity of the inhalation effort
  • Ultra soft cannula offers flex-soft fit for the ultimate in comfort & reduces irritation behind the ears
  • Curved nasal prongs for comfortable, natural fit
  • Clear material for inconspicuous use
  • “Bolo style” slide for patient adjustment
  • Six channel, star lumen tubing design eliminates kinks
  • For use with dual lumen conservers (double stem style)
  • Latex free
  • Sold as a case of 25
MSRP: $84.50 /CS 25
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